The Kings Citadel

The King's Citadel is the center of Brelish martial power.  The branches of the Citadel directly serve the Brelish monarch and protect Breland against foreign and domestic threats.  The Citadel headquarters are in the Brelish capitol of Wroat.

There are three main branches of the Citadel, each of which may have their own subdivisions:

  • The King's Swords: front-line offensive warriors.
  • The King's Wands: some of the best combat wizards and sorcerers in Khorvaire. Their elite units rival even the Aundairans for battlefield magic.
  • The King's Dark Lanterns: Breland's intelligence service.  Generally acknowledged to be the best agents in Khorvaire.  Dark Lanterns operate both within Breland's borders and beyond.

There is a division within the Dark Lanterns, called the Hooded Lantern.  Their emblem is a gold lantern draped in a black cloth or tabard.  The Hooded Lanterns are responsible for rooting out treason and running counterintelligence operations among the members of the King's Citadel. Their methods are brutal, and they are given carte-blanche to use whatever means they deem necessary to root out turncoats amongst the ranks. There is a saying among Citadel operatives:

Enemies of Breland fear the agents of the King's Citadel; the only thing an agent fears is the Hooded Lantern.

The Kings Citadel

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