House Jorasco

House Jorasco is a halfling dragonmarked house. Although their house's main enclave is located in Karrnath, the mark originated among the nomadic tribes on the Talenta Plains.  

House Jorasco possesses the Mark of Healing. This mark grants various magical benefits that allow its bearers to heal and cure diseases making Jorasco a vital part of the struggles of the Last War and throughout Khorvaire in general.

The enclave for House Jorasco in Throneport is located in the neighborhood of KorIsken. This includes and infirmary and clinic where healing services may be purchased.  Additionally, House members rotate to other temporary locations in the other districts to provide services to those who cannot (or will not) travel to the enclave to be seen. The currently assigned House member to Throneport is Leanna d’Jorasco.

In Fairhaven, just north of Distant Exchange, House Jorasco maintains its citadel. Within the walls and tower is a hospital, an extensive herb garden, a medicinal and potion dispensary, and a center of medical learning. Field medics make themselves available for hire within the enclave, but the most potent healers choose to remain inside the enclave as much as possible. Among the latter is Haneela d’Jorasco, who has been known to bring back the dead.


House Jorasco

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