Rhistel Daleth

Elven druid


A fiery red mane of hair that runs down to his waist, mostly gathered into a thick braid when it passes below his shoulders. Light brown skin decorated with various markings and tattoos. Large, deep blue eyes. At rest, Rhistel barely moves – almost not breathing at first glance.


Laidback, very much “live and let live”. Not averse to helping people – his patron was as much a teacher and guide as as a warrior. In a fight, he becomes ruthless, even bloodthirsty, especially in his beast form. Overly intrigued with non-Tairnadal life. Has a weakness for drink and other vices.

Born on Aerenal in 846 YK, he came to Khorvaire and joined the Valaes Tairn in the Last War. Primarily fought Karrnathi and Brelish forces under Cyre’s banner until the revolt and formation of Valenar. Since Valenar was established, he’s raided into Darguun and Karrnath with elements of his warband. Recently, he’s begun exploring other ways to emulate his patron, Kel Dairn, than savagery in battle.

Rhistel Daleth

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