Silver Flame adherent


A former patron of the Cellar Council, Belian was known as a drunk and malcontent. According to Phorif, he frequently agitated for overthrow of the Aundairan monarchy in favor of a more representative government, although no one really took him seriously.

At some point, he became connected to a splinter group of Silver Flame adherents led by “The Prophet”, who advocated for forced conversion to the Church of the Silver Flame, and revenge against Aundair for its persecution of Flammites during and since the Last War.

Belian had overhead conversations about an arcane device of great power located in the Cellar Council, and convinced Trinida Casparo to seize the area of Fairhaven surrounding the bar to secure the item for their use.

Ultimately was killed by the party while searching the Cellar Council for the eldritch weapon.



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