Other areas of Throneport

Beyond the City Walls

Exiting from the Seaside Gate, one comes to the main House Lyrandar enclave for Throneport. This is also the site of a large-scale construction project that began three months ago, as the House works to construct the island's first airship docking spire to ease travel to and from the mainland.

Exiting the city northward through the Northgate, one comes to a large pastoral estate that serves as the main enclave for House Vadalis.  This is also the site of a large market where livestock and mage-bred animals may be purchased.

South of the city, beyond the Southwall, one finds a semi-permanent Valenar encampment, although the nation also maintains a small consulate within the city walls itself, in the Karrnathi Zone.

Other areas of Throneport

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