Eberron: Shadow War

A beginning...

Four strangers take shelter from a torrential storm in The Feral Dog, a seedy tavern in Throneport. As they wait for the rains to let up, a cloaked figure stumbles in and promptly.  While Bram and Sora quickly deduce that the man is succumbing to some type of poison, Kys is shocked to realize that she recognizes the face of Kasmir, a member of The King's Dark Lanterns with whom she worked during the War. Before he breathes his last, Kasmir gives them the name "Vaykar" and a coded message that they cannot decipher.

At that moment, a group of hobgoblin thugs enters the tavern and demands that the party give them Kasmir's body and belongings. When Bram's dragonmark fails to intimidate them into leaving, a fight ensues, a single hobgoblin manages to escape into the night.

The next day, the party goes to the Brelish consulate in the Whitestone district to meet with Vaykar Stonehand, who they learn is in charge of all Brelish intelligence activity in Thronehold. They learn that Kasmir was the last of his unit to be killed over the past week, and that he was working on securing a Karrnathi defector who reportedly had information to exchange for safe passage to Breland.  At that, the party accepted a temporary commission from Vaykar to complete Kasmir's mission.


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