Eberron: Shadow War

System D&D 4th edition
Genre Fantasy-noir
Schedule Every other Friday, 8 PM – 11 PM Eastern
Software Fantasy Grounds, Discord for voice chat

House Rules:

  • Characters start at 3rd level.
  • Combat has been sped up by adjusting opponent HP and damage — enemies will hit harder but fall more quickly.
  • At level 5, PC's will automatically receive two feats for free, (1) Improved Defense PLUS (2) Implement Expertise OR Weapon Expertise (from PHB2). These are essentially fixes to a math issue in 4th edition in which monsters scale faster than player characters as levels progress, and so at higher levels these feats become virtually mandatory for all character builds anyways.
  • Initimidation and Combat: Bloodied Elite and Solo creatures cannot be intimidated into surrendering during combat. This applies only to players rolling an Intimidate check against a set DC to force surrender — roleplaying and story factors may still lead enemies to flee or surrender as appropriate.
  • Mundane ranged weapon ammunition, food, and water will not be routinely tracked. Exceptions may occur, for example if the party sets out on a prolonged expedition in a remote area where opportunities to resupply cannot be assumed.
  • Allowed PC: changeling, dragonborn, dwarf, eladrin, elf, gnome, goblin, half-elf, half-orc, halfling, human, kalashtar, minotaur, orc, shifter, tiefling, warforged.
  • Class restrictions: no hybrid classes (multiclass feats are fine).

Background Information:

Thronehold Keep, former Imperial capital of Galifar, now stands empty. The surrounding city of Throneport has been carved into districts controlled by each of the four surviving nations that previously made up the Empire. As neutral ground, Throneport is a hotbed of espionage and international intrigue, with members of each nations' intelligence service lurking in back alleys and taverns. Spies based within foreign cities travel to Throneport to meet with the handlers. Defectors make their way to Throneport to assume new identities and escape to other countries. The Thronehold Tribunal meets to judge and punish war criminals. As for the common people, every Thrane knows that it is only a matter of time before Aundair strikes to retake the territories they lost in the War, and every Brelander is certain that the Karrns are only playing at peace until they can rebuild their armies to march forth once again. Each nation is devoting extraordinary resources towards researching new weapons and discovering ancient artifacts to give themselves an edge when the time comes. Open warfare may have ended, but the Shadow War continues.

The campaign is set in Eberron, and begins on the 20th of Olarune, 998 YK, two years after the Treaty of Thronehold brought an end to the Last War, and four years after the Day of Mourning in which the nation of Cyre was destroyed. The early campaign is set in the city of Throneport.

While the campaign will have its share of combat, it will be more story-driven. There will be strong incentives for the party to not cause the world to descend back into global war. In terms of game mechanics, it is likely the majority of the party's experience will come from non-combat sources.

Regarding tone, the city of Throneport is directly based on post-WW2 Berlin and Vienna during the height of the Cold War.  Familiarity with Eberron is not required but may be helpful — this type of campaign draws heavily from the aspects of the campaign setting that make it unique.

Eberron: Shadow War

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